What is Spotter?

Sharing makes the world a better place. So why not apply it to how we park?

With the help of our app, anyone can rent out their private parking space––your driveway, your spot at the office, or even a spare lot you have stake in––when it’s not in use. Open spots are pinned on the app so that parkers can claim spaces at the tap of a finger for only $1 an hour. Spot owners make 80% of profits from their spots. Everyone wins.

Running late? Want to order dessert? See another movie? Just add additional time to your spot right in the app.

No loose change. No meters to refill. No parking tickets. No parallel parking. (Well, we technically can’t promise you that. But everything else is 100% true.)

Ready. Set. Go.

Our Mission

Parking as we know it is broken. City streets are congested, curbside meters are expensive, and commercial lots are an inefficient use of limited real estate. According to a recent report, the hassle of parking can add as much as eight minutes onto a basic city commute, or over thirty-three hours a year. For every driver, that’s time that can be better spent – time shopping at local businesses, eating out with friends, and enjoying the charm of the community.

Our mission is simple: optimize the existing supply of private parking so that drivers can park faster, spot owners can share easier, and cities can scale smarter for the next generation of drivers. With the use of our mobile app, we aim to reduce noisy traffic on the streets and cut pollution created from circling the block. We hope to encourage daily productivity and inspire a more vibrant local economy. Here at Spotter, we dream of a world with a culture of sharing and a spirit of giving back – a world where we can begin turning parking lots back into lots of parks.


For Parkers:

Spotter currently serves parkers in Providence, Rhode Island. If you'd like to bring Spotter to your city, use the app to request it!
Most Spotter spots are located in private driveways! The app will give you turn-by-turn directions to your spot and provide a photo so you know you're in the right place.
All spots currently cost $1/hour.
If someone is in your spot when you arrive, send a report through the app and choose a different spot. Our customer support team will make sure everything gets resolved.

For Spot Owners:

You keep 80% of your spot's revenue.
You decide. Let us know if you prefer a check, Paypal, or Venmo.
Spotter pays out on a monthly basis when you've earned at least $30.
Spotter acts as an intermediary between spot owners and parkers. We'll help out to resolve any issues, but all problems are ultimately settled between the spot owner and the person parking.